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Tips on car body color

Protects the exterior paint of the car is the most obvious benefit of window tint and clear bra solutions. A clear bra serves to be an additional shield for your car and helps in protecting the paint from roadside debris. This is the reason why a clear bra for your car is also referred to as a “paint protection film.” The film is transparent and protects without causing any changes to the existing aesthetics of the car. Some of the day-to-day, common hazards to the car’s exteriors will only affect the clear bra while leaving the main body of the car untouched. 

Applicable Universally: Protection offered by clear bra paint for your car is known to be utilized in any car model –right from an SUV to a truck. You can apply the clear bra anywhere on your car, but the most common places are hood, lights, mirrors, bumper, and fender of the vehicle. Moreover, this paint protection film can also be applied to bicycles, boats, motorcycles, and even furniture items that are placed outdoors. 


Minimal Maintenance: Once you have made use of the clear bra services from our experts, you can be assured of minimal maintenance for the same. Paint protection film on your vehicle can be easily maintained without any hassle. The clear bra protection films come with unique water resistance capability. If you do notice the build-up of dirt or debris on its layer, you can easily clean the same with the help of mild detergent & plain water. Some of our paint protection films have Self-healing Technology, which means that the small scratches would go away after the area is heated by the sun.

Paint protection film


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